What is a Dual Fuel Range?

Dual Fuel Ranges: A Win-Win Game A Dual Fuel Range equips you with the power of having a gas cooktop and the unprecedented accuracy of an attached electric oven.” When it comes to talking about kitchen gadget like cooktops and gas cooktops are undoubtedly the winner as they

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Samsung Ice Maker Reset Instructions

Samsung Ice Maker Reset Instructions – For French Door and Bottom Mount Refrigerators Samsung refrigerators are very well known since it is a very reliable company; however, you may come across some issues with your ice maker. If your ice maker has stopped making ice, is low on

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Top 11 KitchenAid Mixer Colors

Are you confused about which KitchenAid Stand Mixer color to choose? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will take a look at Top 11 options offered by KitchenAid when purchasing a Stand Mixer. 1) Boysenberry Boysenberry tends more towards purple color. If you have other appliances

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Is a Stand Mixer Worth It?

Is a Stand Mixer Worth it in 2020? It is very likely that your mother, grandmother, or anyone in your family probably has a stand mixer. You may be wondering if you should also get on for yourself. Still, the price point of these mixers may be throwing

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