We have seen this question being asked numerous times, and hence we decided to make this post to give a solution to those who are experiencing this issue. Many people experienced cooing or hooting sounds coming from their Samsung refrigerators after owning them for about a year or so. It can be really frustrating if your refrigerator starts showing signs of problems after your warranty has expired. However, though this issue of your refrigerator making owl noises sounds troublesome, rest assured that there are easy fixes to this issue. Before we go into the solution, let us understand the reasons why your Samsung refrigerator may be making noise like an owl.

Refrigerators are not inherently quiet. A refrigerator makes various sounds like that of a fluid boiling or flowing during a normal cycle. It can even make knocking sounds. These normal sounds are due to the refrigerant flowing through various parts. However, if your refrigerator sounds like an owl or if you hear cooing, this could mean that there is something wrong with your refrigerator. Here are the top 7 reasons why your Samsung refrigerator is making noise like an owl:

(1) Some people experience this issue after accidentally leaving their freezer door open for an extended period. There can be a build-up of excess frost due to the door being open, which can cause the refrigerator to make noise like an owl. There can be ice built up on the evaporator fan inside your freezer, resulting in the cooing or hooting noise due to the rubbing of the icy fan blades against its surroundings.

(2) Another reason for the owl noise can be a faulty freezer defrost circuit. This can also happen due to excessive frost build-up when the freezer door stays open for too long.

(3) A condenser fan that has gotten dirty due to the build-up of dust and other debris can also be the cause of an owl-like noise. The condenser fan is located at the bottom of your refrigerator. Hence, if you hear noises coming from the bottom, then the condenser is the most likely culprit.

(4) A faulty evaporator fan can also be the reason why your refrigerator sounds like an owl. To verify if this is the issue, open your freezer door for a short time. If you hear a louder owl-like noise, then this issue is due to a faulty evaporator fan. The evaporator fan is generally located in the back section of your freezer. So you will hear a near coming from the back of your freezer if your evaporator fan has gone bad or is causing issues.

(5) Sometimes, an ice maker can fail and stop producing ice, accompanied by a hooting sound coming out of the refrigerator. This issue requires extensive troubleshooting as there can be various reasons for the ice maker not to make any more ice.

(6) An ice maker may make an owl-like noise if it is trying too hard to push out ice but cannot do so. This scenario can happen if the ice maker is jammed with ice. You should always keep clean water available to the ice maker. By regularly keeping the ice maker clear of any debris and recycling the water, you can reduce the chances of your ice maker running into this issue.

(7) If the ice maker is not connected to a water source, it can make similar noises. This issue has the most straightforward fix as compared to all the above issues. Simply connecting a water source to the ice maker can solve the problem.

Solution: How to stop the refrigerator from making noise like an owl?

The solution will depend on what is the cause behind the owl noise coming out of your Samsung refrigerator. A solution that usually works is defrosting your freezer manually. This can eliminate any simple issues that are causing the owl noise. Also, if there was frost build-up on the freezer fan, it will be melted away due to defrosting. Unclogging jammed ice in the ice maker can also sometimes solve this issue. If this issue is due to the condenser fan being dirty or due to a failed evaporator fan, it is best to have the fridge serviced by a qualified technician if you are not familiar with electrical components. Cleaning a dirty compressor fan can also solve this issue.

How to keep the refrigerator in optimal running condition and prevent this issue?

By looking at the above scenarios, which can cause your refrigerator to make noise like an owl, there are several steps you can take to avoid this from happening in the future. Keeping your freezer door properly shut can help the freezer stay in normal working condition. Opening the freezer door too often can cause the components in the freezer to have a built-up of ice. This can be detrimental to the health of the freezer. The cooling component can have solid ice built up on it, which hinders the ability of the freezer to reduce its internal temperature. This keeps the condenser running continuously in vain as the freezer won’t be able to do much due to its cooling component being frozen. To prevent this from happening, it is best if you keep the freezer door closed at all times and open it for short durations only when needed. If the cooling component does get frozen, you can manually defrost the freezer and fix this issue. After complete defrosting, the freezer should be able to work normally again.

Keeping the condenser fan clean can also help your refrigerator run normally without making any owl-like noises. By cleaning the surrounding areas of the fridge clean, you can prevent dust and lint from entering the condenser fan. Also, cleaning the condenser fan periodically can keep the fan running in good condition. Emptying the ice maker once in a while is also helpful for its health since it will prevent ice from getting clogged. Even simple things like making sure that the water line that is connected to the ice maker is providing clean and sufficient water at all times can help in avoiding bigger issues down the road.


After reading this post, you should have an idea of what could have gone wrong with your Samsung refrigerator for it to make owl-like noises. Checking out the seven steps above can possibly help you diagnose the issue with your refrigerator. Keeping your refrigerator in good condition and keeping it in optimal conditions will increase its lifespan and reduce the number of problems. As discussed above, even minor things like leaving the freezer door open for too long can have a detrimental effect on the refrigerator and eventually lead to costly repairs or replacement. Hence, it is advisable to service your refrigerator regularly and keep all its parts clean and in good working conditions.

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