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More often than not, you must have wondered whether the white stuff on your bread is either mold or flour. Even when I purchase new bread from Target or Kroger (since they are close to where I live), I see a white flour-like substance on the bread. Here I share the detailed research that I conducted to help you figure out if it is white mold on your bread or if it is flour.

There is no doubt that bread is made from flour, and you are bound to find flour on the surface of baked bread. Even when I bake bread at my home, I find the powdery white substance to be present on top of the bread. So, if your bread looks fresh, without any funky smell, and has been stored correctly, it should be fine to consume, and the white stuff you see on it is most likely flour. The look of flour on bread would be white, and it would feel powdery when you touch it.

How To Differentiate Between Mold And Flour On Bread?

It will help you to differentiate between flour and mold if you know what they feel like. I recommend finding the flour in your home and feel it between your fingers. It would feel very smooth and powdery if you rub it with your fingers. I loved playing with flour when I was a small kid, and my mom was baking something. On the other hand, Mold forms in specks, and it can have various colors like white, green, yellow, black, or gray. The color of the mold depends on the species of the spore colonies present on the bread. If you touch the mold present on the bread, you may feel wet. If you try to scrape the white substance on the bread, and if it comes out in pieces of chunks, then it is most likely mold. It would break into pieces due to the moisture present in the moldy bread.

As a rule of thumb, if a white substance appears on your bread out of nowhere and if it wasn’t there before when you bought it, it is most likely mold that has formed on your bread. In this case, the best course of action is to discard the bread without eating any of it. You may be tempted to use the non-moldy-looking section by cutting off the visible mold, but that could be a huge mistake. Mold is not always visible to our eyes since its spores are microscopic, and hence if there is visible mold on one section of the bread, there are most likely more mold spores spread out throughout the bread, which are invisible to the naked eye.

How Does Mold Form On The Bread?

Mold can form on the bread if the humidity in the environment surrounding it is high. Hence, if it has been raining for a few days and if it gets humid, your bread may develop mold faster if it is stored outside. Again, the mold can be white or any other color such as green, blue, gray, yellow, or black. Hence, if you find a white substance on bread out of nowhere and you know if it has been humid, there is a very high chance that it is white mold. Toss the bread out and buy a new one.

Improperly closed bread packages can allow moisture to seep into the bread, and it may develop white spots comprised of mold spores. So, if you find white areas on bread stored in a loose container, it most likely has mold growing on it.

How To Prevent Moldy Bread?

There may be instances when you end up having an extra amount of bread in your kitchen. Many times it is even cheaper to buy bread in bulk from stores like Costco. However, then comes the issue of storing the bulk bread in such a way that it doesn’t get moldy. How to prevent moldy bread is the question that first comes to mind when storing bread in bulk. Typically, bread should be stored at room temperature in your kitchen or the pantry if you expect to use it entirely within a week or so. If you’re wondering how to prevent moldy bread at room temperature, you should make sure that the bread is stored in an airtight plastic bag or a container. There are many steps that you can take to prevent mold from forming on the bread such as the following:

Control Humidity:

If you store your bread in the pantry, you can take steps to prevent moisture from accumulating, as humidity is the number one factor responsible for mold growth on bread. Especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, your pantry may benefit from a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier works like a vacuum cleaner for moisture, and it removes the humidity from the air by sucking the air dry. It then blows dry air back into the room.


Bread can last longer when it is stored in the fridge; hence if you plan to use the bread for a long time, keeping it in the refrigerator is the best idea. My wife usually puts all the bread that we buy in the fridge, and they surprisingly last much longer than what they would at room temperature.

Storing Bread In Freezer:

If you do not plan to use all your bread in a week, then you should consider storing it in the freezer by taking proper precautions. Storing bread in the freezer will make it last for an extended time. For storing the bread in the freezer, steps must be taken to make sure that there is no room for moisture to escape. By placing bread in a ziplock bag and sucking the moisture out of the bag with a straw can help eliminate extra air and prevent the bread from losing moisture. You can easily prevent moldy bread by following proper precautions, limiting moisture to escape, and storing it at proper temperatures.

How To Buy Fresh Bread Without Mold?

Buying fresh bread will enable you to enjoy it for a long duration compared to buying bread that is soon to pass its expiry date. Artisan bread may have extra flour on top, and if it concerns you because it can be mold, it is best to avoid such bread. Usually, artisan loaves of bread are sold at a discount at the grocery stores since they are costly and never sold out. So, the grocery stores put them on discount to encourage people to buy them before they reach their expiry date. Hence, artisan bread is at the highest risk of having white mold, which may look like flour because it has probably been sitting on the store shelf for a longer duration. The best recommendation that I can give for buying fresh bread is to check the expiry date printed on the plastic cover. You may be surprised that the grocery stores can often carry expired loaves of bread or ones that are soon to expire. One tip to get the freshest bread from the store is to find the loaves of bread that are stacked way behind all other loaves. Grocery stores prefer to sell the expiring products fast, so they place them in areas that are easy to reach. Hence, if you are looking to buy fresh products or, in this case, bread, be sure to look in the rear section of the bread area, which is hard to reach.


You may encounter white areas on bread either at the grocery stores or either at your home. It is in your best interest to use your judgment to figure out if the white substance can be mold or flour. If you follow the above guide, you should be able to tell the difference between white flour and white mold on bread.

Dual Fuel Ranges: A Win-Win Game

A Dual Fuel Range equips you with the power of having a gas cooktop and the unprecedented accuracy of an attached electric oven.”

When it comes to talking about kitchen gadget like cooktops and gas cooktops are undoubtedly the winner as they offer a wide range of cooktop activities compared to their electric counterparts. Gas cooktops provide a plethora of cooking options ranging from simple cooking to gas grilling and fire roasting.

However, while speaking of baking enthusiasts, most would prefer electric ovens with abundant controls and baking options.

What if you could combine both the scenarios above and have a machine equipped with both a gas cooktop and an electric oven? It is most certainly possible with a Dual Fuel Range.

What is a Dual Fuel Range?

A Dual Fuel Range is a range that has a very powerful gas cooktop as well as a versatile electric oven beneath. It is a behemoth amongst the ranges offering numerous features like self-cleaning, steaming, grilling, and who would’ve thought? A Warming Drawer!!

Dual Fuel Ranges eliminate the need for having a separate Gas Cooktop and a stand-alone Electric Oven.

Why should you get a Dual Fuel Range?

You can state without a doubt that gas cooktops, a feature of dual fuel ranges are much sturdier dependable than electric cooktops. The components come off easily, giving you the flexibility to clean the cooktop easily. Modern Gas cooktops on dual fuel ranges come with at least five different types of burners with unique functions. Having a griddle to put on your gas cooktop instantly give you a professional feel and the power to make restaurant-grade grilled cheese sandwiches or burgers. These attributes combined with a powerful electric oven, which is a must for perfect baking needs, make dual fuel ranges the go to range of a modern kitchen.

12 Advantages Of Having A Dual Fuel Range

1. Integrated Functionality

The most significant advantage of having a Dual Fuel Range is the convenience of having a gas cooktop and an electric oven built into the same range allowing you to perform your cooking or baking activities in one place.

2. Flame Control and Temperature Variability

Gas cooktops on Dual Fuel Ranges offer extensive flame control, which allows you to change the temperature very quickly and effectively. It is possible to have the BTU’s in the 20,000’s range with new dual fuel ranges.

3. Elegancy

Gas cooktops feature eye-catching designs, and they are more professional looking. Most have stainless steel finishes with attractive knobs as well as modern LCDs and controls.

4. Edge to Edge cooking

Latest Dual fuel ranges feature cooktops that have a full width streamlined cast iron grate, which facilitates a smooth movement of cookware.

5. WIFI Connectivity

High-end Dual Fuel Ranges are equipped with WIFI connectivity, and you can control them using the app from your phone.

6. Durability

They can withstand years of cooking, which makes them a reliable asset for your Kitchen due to their durable builds.

7. Integrated Controls

Dual Ranges have all their controls in the same place, allowing you to either control the gas cooktop or the electric oven from the same control panel.

8. Cooktop Griddles

Most Dual Ranges come with cooktop griddles, which eliminate the need for extra cookware. The Griddles allow you to cook burgers, vegetables, sandwiches, etc. professionally.

9. Prevent Over Cooking

By using the gas cooktop, you basically eliminate the drawback of overcooking. Electric cooktops pack residual heat even when the cooktop is off. While on the other hand, with gas cooktops, residual heat is virtually impossible. When the flame goes off, so does the heat and your food stays safe from overcooking.

10. Emergency Ready

In case your electricity goes out, even if your oven is not functional, you will still be able to use the gas cooktop. This is one of the best advantages of having a gas cooktop.

11. Easy to use oven

The electric oven that comes with this type of range is easy to use and offers several modern features. Some are equipped with a built-in probe so you can check the internal temperature of the food right from your main display panel. Electric ovens are also much easier to use than gas ovens. All that is needed to turn the oven on is turning a knob.

12. Even-Heat Distribution

Electric ovens are well known for even heat distribution, which gives you even cooking without the need for moving the food inside the oven.

Why are Dual Fuel Range Ovens Expensive?

After reading the advantages above, you can generally get an idea of the usefulness and versatility of dual-range ovens. These ovens are packed with advanced technology and numerous functions making your cooking more effortless in the Kitchen. As the Kitchen is the Heart of your Home, a mighty and robust Dual Range Oven will only add value to your Kitchen, which in turn improves the quality of your living. Given the technology that goes into making a dual fuel range work with both gas and electric power and integrating both functionalities into one, the cost of the range is high; however, you get the full value of your investment.  

Are Dual Fuel Ranges worth it?

The main advantage of Dual Fuel Ranges is precise temperature control on the gas cooktop as well as the electric oven, which promises even and thorough baking. By investing in a dual fuel range, you are acquiring the power of professional-grade cooking. With competitive pricing available in today’s dual fuel ranges, it has never been easier to own a dual fuel range.

Which are some of the best Dual Fuel Ranges available in today’s market?

Cosmo 48 inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

Cosmo 48 inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range gets our top rating for being the best Dual Fuel Range for the best quality you can get at an affordable price. It comes with double ovens giving you the ability to make multiple items at different temperatures. The gas cooktop comes with six burners with a maximum output of 18,000 BTU from the ring burners. Without a doubt, it will be a conversation starter in your Kitchen with eye-catching looks.

Kutch Professional 36 inch Dual Fuel Range

Kutch Professional 36 inch Dual Fuel Range is our top recommended product if you are looking for a compact size. It comes with six burners with a maximum output of 18,000 BTU on three burners. It has a fantastic function of re-ignition, which ignites the flame if it goes out. The oven comes with five racks. Kutch is well known for its top customer service. It also comes in three options: Classic Silver, Royal Blue, and Tuxedo Black.


In conclusion, the best dual fuel range is the one that fits your needs and the one that provides the most useful functions according to your kitchen needs.

Samsung Ice Maker Reset Instructions – For French Door and Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Samsung refrigerators are very well known since it is a very reliable company; however, you may come across some issues with your ice maker. If your ice maker has stopped making ice, is low on ice production, or if the ice tray does not fill with water, it may be the time to reset it.

We will give you instructions on how to reset your ice maker, but first, let us find out which type of category your ice maker falls into. Samsung refrigerators are fitted with two kinds of ice makers. We will go over each type of ice maker with its corresponding refrigerator type.

The Ice Maker Reset procedure will depend on what type of refrigerator you own, either French Door or Bottom Mount. Let us look at the French Door refrigerator type first.

(French-Door) Samsung Ice Maker Reset – check type 1 or 2 below

 If you have a French Door Samsung Refrigerator, please follow these instructions. Here is what a French Door refrigerator looks like:



  • You will need to pull open your freezer to find the Ice Maker on the Roof or the Ceiling of the fridge.
  • Ice Maker will more or less look like the diagram we made below:
  • Locate the reset button as indicated in the figure, which will be under the ice maker towards the front side in the middle.
  • You will need to press the reset button with a little force (it can be hard to press) until you hear the motor running or until you feel a little vibration from something moving inside.
  • Wait 24 hours to test the ice from the ice maker.


Please do not reset the ice maker more than one time in 24 hours. Doing so can cause the ice tray to overfill and not be able to empty. This can cause water flooding, which can then freeze inside the bucket. If the ice bucket gets frozen, it can cause the ice maker to freeze and stop working. In such a scenario, you will have to call a service technician to repair the ice maker.



  • Once you open the refrigerator, you will locate the ice bucket on the top left side. You will see a release latch on the right side and push it to remove the ice bucket
  • After you remove the ice bucket, your ice maker will look similar to this diagram which we made:
  • Locate the reset button on the side of the ice maker as indicated in the figure and keep it pressed until you hear a beep. If you don’t hear a sound, keep the button pressed for 10 seconds. Older models may not beep when the reset button is pressed.
  • Replace the ice bucket back into its original place.
  • Wait for 24 hours before checking for ice production.


Please do not reset the ice maker more than one time in 24 hours. Doing so can cause the ice tray to overfill and not be able to empty. This can cause water flooding, which can then freeze inside the bucket. If the ice bucket gets frozen, it can cause the ice maker to freeze and stop working. In such a scenario, you will have to call a service technician to repair the ice maker.


If you have a refrigerator that looks like the below diagram, then you have a Bottom Mount Refrigerator:


  • You will need to pull open your freezer to find the Ice Maker on the Roof or the Ceiling of the fridge.
  • Ice Maker will more or less look like the diagram we made below:
  • Locate the reset button as indicated in the figure, which will be under the ice maker towards the front side in the middle.
  • You will need to press the reset button with a little force (it can be hard to press) until you hear the motor running or until you feel a little vibration from something moving inside.
  • Wait 24 hours to test the ice from the ice maker.


Please do not reset the ice maker more than one time in 24 hours. Doing so can cause the ice tray to overfill and not be able to empty. This can cause water flooding, which can then freeze inside the bucket. If the ice bucket gets frozen, it can cause the ice maker to freeze and stop working. In such a scenario, you will have to call a service technician to repair the ice maker.


After you have tried resetting your ice maker and it still does not solve the problem, you may need to refer to the owner’s manual. You may need to follow additional steps if your refrigerator is more complicated than the ones described in this article. You can always try to contact Samsung’s customer support for assistance with resetting the ice maker yourself. Following the instructions correctly will result in an effective solution.

When to call a technician?

Calling the technician costs money and maybe the final choice if all else fails. If you are on a budget, it is best recommended that you follow the above steps, and it may solve your problem, saving you money on technician expenses.

Calling the technician costs money and maybe the final choice if all else fails. If you are on a budget, it is best recommended that you follow the above steps, and it may solve your problem, saving you money on technician expenses.

Final things to check for smooth function of your Ice Maker:

  • Make sure there are no leaks in the water connection.
  • Make sure water is coming from the connection, and the valve is open.
  • Clean your ice maker regularly.
  • Do not obstruct your refrigerator and allow it some breathing room from its surroundings.

We hope this guide helped you in resetting your Samsung Ice Maker. Please leave a comment with any questions or suggestions that you may have.

So you are excited to own a new refrigerator and want to know how long it will take for your new refrigerator to get cold? Before we dive into this topic, there are a few things you need to know before plugging in the refrigerator for the first time. Your new refrigerator has endured quite a shaky and tedious transportation process to get to your kitchen. It has been most likely laid in various positions during the transportation, and the fluids inside the refrigerator, especially the lubricating fluids, have moved in all directions and have not had the time to settle in.

It could take about 6 to 8 hours for the refrigerator fluids to settle. You must wait this time before you plug in your new fridge and not start it immediately and spread the fluids further in the wrong direction. If the new refrigerator was transported correctly, this wait could be greatly reduced.

You Are Done Waiting For The Refrigerator To Settle For 6 To 8 Hours, Now What?

Depending on the brand of your refrigerator, you may be recommended to wait for 6 to 8 hours or even longer (the longer, the better) before you plug in the fridge.

Once you have waited the initial time to let your refrigerator settle the fluids, now its time to plug it in, let it run for about 3 to 4 hours, and let it reach the pre-set temperature before putting any food inside the fridge. Open the refrigerator once or twice after giving it an ample amount of time and see if it feels cold inside. If it is not, wait a little longer. 

Generally, it takes up to 24 hours for a new refrigerator to get cold and ready to be loaded with food, drinks, and groceries. Please consult with your manufacturer to get the exact specifics of your refrigerator and time it needs to be able to store foods safely.

What Is A Safe Temperature For A New Refrigerator For Storing Foods?

According to the FDA, it is recommended to keep the refrigerator below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit. Cold temperature is critical to slow down the growth of bacteria in your food.

Is Your New Refrigerator Cold Enough And Ready To Store Food?

The best way to check if your new refrigerator is ready to store food is to use an appliance thermometer and check the temperature. The freezer should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and the refrigerator temperature should be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. At this stage, it is considered safe to store food in your new refrigerator.

Once it reaches a temperature of below 40 degrees, now is the time to load up food items which are at room temperature. Make sure you are not putting in hot food as it will significantly delay the time that your new refrigerator needs to get cold. In fact, it is not at all advisable to put hot foods directly inside the fridge.

How Long Does The New Refrigerator Take To Make Ice?

The answer varies with the brand of refrigerator you have, but most refrigerators will need about 24 hours to run before ice is formed.  

For the refrigerators that come with the in-built ice maker, water first gets filled into your ice maker’s tray. Once your refrigerator detects that the ice has formed and it is hard enough, it will eject the ice cubes into the ice makers storage bin, and the cycle repeats itself. The first cycle of a new refrigerator will be the longest, and it may seem that you have been waiting forever to get the first batch of ice. New generation refrigerators are designed to run up to 80% of the time, but they are much more energy-efficient than their older counterparts. They use less energy because their motors and compressors are much smaller and their modern era defrost systems. Please check the energy star ratings of the refrigerator you want to buy so you can have a highly efficient refrigerator by keeping the running costs low and also help keep the environment by reducing the impact caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Again, it can take up to 24 hours until your new refrigerator begins to produce ice.

Why Does Your New Refrigerator Not Get Cold Fast?

There can be several possibilities as to why your new refrigerator is not cooling fast. You may be opening your door very often to check the temperature. Please be patient with your new fridge and let it work its way up to the desired temperature. 

Hot foods can affect a new refrigerator significantly as they thwart its efforts to complete its first cycle by further delaying the time it takes to reach the set temperature. Hot foods do not only slow the cooling time but also warm up the refrigerator affecting the cooling significantly.

Also, an opening in the door seal can contribute to the fridge not cooling effectively, which is rare because there is a very little chance of finding defects with new refrigerators.

Why Does Your New Refrigerator Keeps Running Constantly?

A new refrigerator running constantly may leave you baffled and wondering what could be wrong with it. A new refrigerator is less likely to have damaged, or defective parts, and the problems you may face are most probably related to your refrigerator settings. Your most likely culprit is the freezer temperature setting. If your freezer is set above 10 degrees, your refrigerator is going to exhaust itself by running constantly trying to keep itself cold. This happens because the freezer is not cold enough to support the temperature of the refrigerator. For optimum performance and to not overwork the fridge, keep the freezer setting at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

How Can You Make Your New Refrigerator Cool Faster And Use Less Electricity?

If your refrigerator is snuggled up against the wall, with minimum space in between, the chances are that your refrigerator is likely getting overheated; and hence consuming more power. Moving the refrigerator a little away from the wall will give it breathing space and help it cool faster and use less electricity.

You can help your refrigerator get cold faster by turning down your air conditioner a little bit and make the indoor temperature cool. A hot environment directly affects the fridge and the time it takes to cool.

How To Adjust The Thermostat For A New Refrigerator?

When your new refrigerator first comes to your house, the thermostat may be set all the way up or all the way down. In both scenarios, your refrigerator is poised to give you worries about why it is taking too long to get cold or why it keeps running. Too high or too low thermostat settings are detrimental to the food kept inside the fridge as too cold can give your food a burn or freeze it. On the other hand, if your refrigerator is too hot, your food will get spoiled. It is crucial to check the thermostat settings before plugging in the fridge as it can vastly affect the time your new refrigerator takes to get cold. A thermostat that is set too high will prevent a fridge from getting cold at all. Keeping the freezer at zero degrees and the refrigerator at below 40 degrees are the optimum settings. Your refrigerator may or may not have a separate thermostat for the freezer, depending on the model.


How long it takes for a new refrigerator to get cold depends on a variety of factors, but this time is usually 24 hours. Your new refrigerator may start feeling cold pretty quickly after plugging it in for the first time; however, it is best to wait for 24 hours before you begin using it. In conclusion, following the above steps will help you utilize your new refrigerator efficiently and help it cool faster so you can start filling it up. Always read your manufacturer’s manual thoroughly before operating your new refrigerator for the first time, and when it doubt, it never hurts to give them a call.

Are you confused about which KitchenAid Stand Mixer color to choose? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will take a look at Top 11 options offered by KitchenAid when purchasing a Stand Mixer.

1) Boysenberry

Boysenberry tends more towards purple color. If you have other appliances that are purple, Boysenberry is a great option to choose from. If your kitchen is grape themed or plum themed, boysenberry will be a perfect match for your kitchen. You will appreciate this color if you are a fan of red and purple color mixes.



2) Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue option by KitchenAid is a deep blue color that leans more towards navy blue. You may choose this color if you want to have a contrast with your light-colored kitchen or match with dark colored tiles. This is not the color if you are expecting a lighter tint since it tends to be on the deeper blue side.



3) Empire Red

Empire Red is an amazingly vibrant color that will pop out in your kitchen and will surely be a conversation starter. No matter the color of your kitchen theme, Empire Red will stand out and boast of the quality and build of your KitchenAid Stand Mixer, giving you a Royal Feel. Anyway, if you are looking to match, it does go well with strawberry and red themed kitchens. This shiny red piece of sophisticated equipment will add an elegant feel to your kitchen. Empire Red is more natural to match with different items in your kitchen as red color is widely available with most kitchen products. This is a definite go-to color if you are planning to gift it to someone as it will match with any kitchen color themes. Empire Red is a color made to cheer you up in your kitchen, and it promises to give you a majestic feel.



You can also buy a matching cover to go with the Empire Red Stand Mixer like the Homest Cover. 

4) Gloss Cinnamon

Gloss Cinnamon is a beautiful color that can be compared to the berry wine color. It is not brownish red, as you might think when hearing the name “Gloss Cinnamon.” The color is shiny and deep red. Some may think of it as a dark candy apple color, which is indeed eye-pleasing and stands out in the kitchen.



5) Ice

This light color variation offered by KitchenAid is like blueish aqua color. If you have a retro or a vintage turquoise color themed kitchen, ice color will be a perfect fit for you. The color is appealing and matches well with light-colored appliances. If you are a fan of lightly tinted blue and light green shades, you will love this color variation.



6) Imperial Gray

If you are looking for a Stand Mixer that is not too glossy or shiny, you may want to choose the Imperial Gray color option. It will blend in well with your appliances if they have a flat finish. Imperial Gray wins over other colors because you will never leave fingerprints or smears on the finish, unlike other different finishes.



7) Majestic Yellow

Majestic Yellow is a soothing yellow color that is not too bright and doesn’t hurt the eye. It is comparable to pastel yellow and has more of a vintage feel to it.



8) Onyx Black

The Onyx Black is definitely an appealing and sleek color. Since black can go with any color, this shiny black color variant will fit any kitchen theme. Nowadays, the industry is leading towards black countertops and kitchen appliances, and Onyx Black would be the best choice for a modern looking kitchen. Onyx Black will not pop out in contrast with other colors in your kitchen and will sit subtly and quiet in its place. It is imperative to keep it perfectly clean as any amount of dirt or residue will readily show on a shiny black surface.



9) Watermelon

Watermelon is a light red glossy color that would match with light red appliances in your kitchen. If you are looking for a bright red color, you are better off with Empire Red; otherwise, watermelon is a unique and pleasant color.



10) White on White

White is a pretty standard color for most appliances, and hence white on white would easily match with most kitchens. It is a popular color among KitchenAid enthusiasts.



11) Persimmon

The color stands up to its name and promises to remind one of the persimmon fruit. Persimmon is a cheery color and is exciting to look at. This color has an orangey feel to it and will lift your mood.



Is a Stand Mixer Worth it in 2020?

It is very likely that your mother, grandmother, or anyone in your family probably has a stand mixer. You may be wondering if you should also get on for yourself. Still, the price point of these mixers may be throwing you off thinking if it is worth spending a decent amount of money on a Stand Mixer that promises to be professional and comes in a variety of attractive colors and models.

For answering this question, if a Stand Mixer is worth it, we will look at the KitchenAid brand of mixers and help you figure if you should invest in a stand mixer for your daily kitchen needs. When someone says KitchenAid, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is that it is a reputable brand with appliances having prices comparable to products in the professional niche. The KitchenAid brand of stand mixers is indeed attractive and comes in various colors and finishes, but that is not it; they are indeed capable of professional stand mixer functions, which in turn help you to produce restaurant-grade food products.

When you ask yourself this question, whether a stand mixer is worth it, you must figure out if you are going to be a frequent user or are you someone who uses it once or twice during the fall season. It may not make a lot of sense to buy a Stand Mixer if you are a very occasional user, but it is a game-changer in the kitchen if you use it regularly.

The Size

Stand mixers are great appliances, and they command their own little territory in your kitchen since they tend to be bulky. They tend to be heavy and robust because a good quality stand mixer must be durable and able to handle large loads for long durations; for example, when you need to keep the stand mixer on for around 15 minutes when making marshmallows. It’s best to keep them in one place at all times since they tend to be heavier as compared to most of your other kitchen items. On the other hand, if you have enough room in your kitchen, and plan to store it way above in one of your top shelves or way below the counter where is it hard to reach and pull it out. Hence, if you don’t have a dedicated area in your kitchen for keeping a stand mixer, it may not be worth it for you. However, stand mixers add a lot of value to your kitchen by giving you the ability to cook excellent quality bread, cookies, and even marshmallows; it is great to have one of these in the kitchen if you can find a great spot to store them.  KitchenAid gives you the confidence of owning a reliable Stand Mixer that doesn’t overheat during prolonged uses and lasts for a very long time. You would be surprised to know that some proud KitchenAid owners have had their stand mixers for decades, and they are still in a very decent running condition.

Stand mixers add value to your kitchen by giving you the ability to grind meat, slice vegetables, knead dough or even whisk eggs very efficiently. Some of us folks may not prefer to use a stand mixer as often as others do since you may even own a bread maker, but there are countless other things you can do with a stand mixer other than making bread dough.

Worth It

✔ Are you planning to make excellent taco meat by shredding chicken or beef or any other kind of meat? Go ahead and get it!

✔ Do you want to make some great apple sauce right in your kitchen? You definitely need to get a Stand Mixer.

✔ Do you find it hard to grate mozzarella cheese with your hands? A Stand Mixer will get this job done for you in no time with little to no effort, and you can have freshly grated mozzarella cheese.

✔ Do you like freshly made zucchini noodles? Your Stand Mixer will give you freshly cut zucchini noodles in seconds with a five-blade spiralizer attachment.

✔ Are you a fan of eating pasta? Look no further; your Stand Mixer can make pasta without hassle with the pasta roller and cutter set.

✔ Do you enjoy home-made ice cream? You can easily make ice cream with the ice cream maker attachment for your Stand Mixer.


Not Worth It

A stand mixer will not be worth if for you, if you will be an occasional user and plan to use it 3 or 4 times  a year.
If your kitchen size is not willing to accommodate a heavy appliance.

It may also not be the best choice to purchase a stand mixer if you do not have a budget for it since the strong and sturdy ones come with a hefty price tag.

The Verdict:

In conclusion, a stand mixer will be definitely worth it for you if you have dedicated place in the kitchen, have the budget to buy a reliable stand mixer (a big deciding factor!) , plan to be a regular user of the stand mixer and if you are looking for a kitchen friendly appliance with will last you a great length of time.