Everyone loves to eat yummy fried chicken, but have you ever tried frying chicken yourself? As tasty as it sounds, it does take a considerable amount of time when frying chicken at home. But there is an easier and faster way to fry chicken, called Broasting! You must have seen or heard about the term “Broasting” when eating out at a restaurant or when watching TV shows about fried food.

So, What Does Broasting Really Mean?

To really understand the term “broasting”, we need to take a history lesson dating back to 1954 when L.A.M. Phelan was really hungry and wanted to make some fried chicken very quickly! No, really, that’s how the legend goes. He worked hard on inventing a device that can cook fried chicken faster. Finally, he was able to accomplish his goal and invented the Broaster. It is a device that combines the power of a pressure cooker and a fryer, with the resulting chicken being juicy inside and crispy outside. Since the terms “broaster” and “broasted” are trademarked, if you hear about broasted chicken, it means that it was prepared by using special equipment manufactured by the Broaster company.

Now let us delve into the specifics of the broasting process. Broasting essentially means frying food under pressure. A broaster is elegantly constructed to allow frying under steam pressure. The steam produced during the process cannot escape, which leaves the food juicy and yummy. At the same time, the frying process gives outward crispiness to the cooked food. Now one may ask, why can’t you fry in a pressure cooker? It only makes sense to do so since you will be basically frying under pressure. But there is a huge problem with that. Pressure cookers are not constructed to handle frying while under pressure. If attempted, the result could be dangerous, with contents from the pressure cooker escaping and causing damage or injuries. Hence, the Broaster company has designed its pressure frying equipment to eliminate the drawbacks of a pressure cooker.

What Is Broasted Chicken?

Broasted chicken is a popular cuisine found in the menus of restaurants all over the United States. Broasted chicken is essentially made by following the recipe provided by the Broaster company using their pressure frying equipment. The resulting chicken is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and healthier compared to fried chicken. Broasted chicken also packs more natural chicken flavors due to the fact that the chicken is cooked under pressure where its internal juices cannot escape. No wonder that the Broaster company rushed to trademark the term broasted! The resulting chicken from the broasting process tastes out of this world!

However, be mindful, if you fall in love with broasted chicken and want to make it home, you are out of luck! Broaster only sells their equipment to restaurants, and hence they do not have a line of broasting appliances for household use. So, every time you crave broasted chicken, you are bound to enjoy it at a restaurant rather than cooking it at home.

Broasted Chicken VS Fried Chicken

Everyone loves fried chicken from their favorite restaurant until they have tasted broasted chicken! Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing to not like about fried chicken. But broasted chicken is way more magical; in a sense, it is juicy, flavorful, and healthier than fried chicken. You may ask how so? Well, let me explain that to you in detail.

During the broasting process, the chicken is breaded just like you would do with fried chicken. After the breading, the chicken is tossed in the pressure fryer for a minute or so. Once the chicken is sealed, the lid of the pressure fryer is closed so the chicken can start cooking internally. Due to the sealing done by the flash-frying, the juices in the chicken do not escape. Also, because the pressure cooker’s lid stays closed, the steam stays inside while the chicken is being cooked. Hence, a broasted chicken has more juices inside than a fried chicken. It is healthier than fried chicken because a much lesser amount of oil actually seeps into the broasted chicken because it is sealed from the outside. The amount of oil in a broasted chicken may be up to 50% lesser than the amount of oil present in a fried chicken. On the other hand, fried chicken may sometimes taste like the oil it has been cooked in, or worse, it may taste like the food cooked in the same oil prior to frying the chicken. Broasted chicken can contain up to 70% lesser fat than fried chicken, which will definitely lure you into trying some broasted chicken the next time you are craving to eat some delicious chicken.

Broasted Chicken VS KFC

Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, is the man behind the legendary taste of the KFC chicken. Prior to the invention of pressure cookers, he used to sell chicken fried in a skillet. However, once pressure cookers came into existence and became popular, Colonel Sanders invented his own cooking process. He managed to create his own pressure frying equipment, which is used to date in the KFC restaurants. Since KFC uses pressure frying equipment, their cooking process is very similar to broasting. Hence, if you are unable to find broasted chicken in your area, you may want to head over to the closest KFC, which sells deliciously cooked pressure-fried chicken. The only difference you would notice if you have tried broasted chicken before is the flavor and spices. The broaster company sells pressure frying equipment along with spices and seasonings to restaurants. If restaurants want to use the term broasted or broasting in their menu offerings, they must use the spice, seasonings, and pressure frying equipment from the broaster company.

Final Verdict:

Broasting is overall a healthier cooking process than deep frying. Broasting would be widely accepted if the Broaster company decided to produce pressure frying equipment for household use. Imagine making your own authentic broasted chicken at home! But that is just a dream with an uncertain future. But if you are a fan of fried chicken, you may want to look into broasted chicken, which offers higher health benefits as compared to fried chicken. Also, you can find other items which may be cooked using the broasting process at restaurants, which can be healthier than the same items if they were deep-fried. Broasted chicken may be hard to find due to the fact that the restaurants must buy the equipment from the Broaster company if they want to sell broasted chicken. This makes broasted chicken rare and popular!