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Dual Fuel Ranges: A Win-Win Game

A Dual Fuel Range equips you with the power of having a gas cooktop and the unprecedented accuracy of an attached electric oven.”

When it comes to talking about kitchen gadget like cooktops and gas cooktops are undoubtedly the winner as they offer a wide range of cooktop activities compared to their electric counterparts. Gas cooktops provide a plethora of cooking options ranging from simple cooking to gas grilling and fire roasting.

However, while speaking of baking enthusiasts, most would prefer electric ovens with abundant controls and baking options.

What if you could combine both the scenarios above and have a machine equipped with both a gas cooktop and an electric oven? It is most certainly possible with a Dual Fuel Range.

What is a Dual Fuel Range?

A Dual Fuel Range is a range that has a very powerful gas cooktop as well as a versatile electric oven beneath. It is a behemoth amongst the ranges offering numerous features like self-cleaning, steaming, grilling, and who would’ve thought? A Warming Drawer!!

Dual Fuel Ranges eliminate the need for having a separate Gas Cooktop and a stand-alone Electric Oven.

Why should you get a Dual Fuel Range?

You can state without a doubt that gas cooktops, a feature of dual fuel ranges are much sturdier dependable than electric cooktops. The components come off easily, giving you the flexibility to clean the cooktop easily. Modern Gas cooktops on dual fuel ranges come with at least five different types of burners with unique functions. Having a griddle to put on your gas cooktop instantly give you a professional feel and the power to make restaurant-grade grilled cheese sandwiches or burgers. These attributes combined with a powerful electric oven, which is a must for perfect baking needs, make dual fuel ranges the go to range of a modern kitchen.

12 Advantages Of Having A Dual Fuel Range

1. Integrated Functionality

The most significant advantage of having a Dual Fuel Range is the convenience of having a gas cooktop and an electric oven built into the same range allowing you to perform your cooking or baking activities in one place.

2. Flame Control and Temperature Variability

Gas cooktops on Dual Fuel Ranges offer extensive flame control, which allows you to change the temperature very quickly and effectively. It is possible to have the BTU’s in the 20,000’s range with new dual fuel ranges.

3. Elegancy

Gas cooktops feature eye-catching designs, and they are more professional looking. Most have stainless steel finishes with attractive knobs as well as modern LCDs and controls.

4. Edge to Edge cooking

Latest Dual fuel ranges feature cooktops that have a full width streamlined cast iron grate, which facilitates a smooth movement of cookware.

5. WIFI Connectivity

High-end Dual Fuel Ranges are equipped with WIFI connectivity, and you can control them using the app from your phone.

6. Durability

They can withstand years of cooking, which makes them a reliable asset for your Kitchen due to their durable builds.

7. Integrated Controls

Dual Ranges have all their controls in the same place, allowing you to either control the gas cooktop or the electric oven from the same control panel.

8. Cooktop Griddles

Most Dual Ranges come with cooktop griddles, which eliminate the need for extra cookware. The Griddles allow you to cook burgers, vegetables, sandwiches, etc. professionally.

9. Prevent Over Cooking

By using the gas cooktop, you basically eliminate the drawback of overcooking. Electric cooktops pack residual heat even when the cooktop is off. While on the other hand, with gas cooktops, residual heat is virtually impossible. When the flame goes off, so does the heat and your food stays safe from overcooking.

10. Emergency Ready

In case your electricity goes out, even if your oven is not functional, you will still be able to use the gas cooktop. This is one of the best advantages of having a gas cooktop.

11. Easy to use oven

The electric oven that comes with this type of range is easy to use and offers several modern features. Some are equipped with a built-in probe so you can check the internal temperature of the food right from your main display panel. Electric ovens are also much easier to use than gas ovens. All that is needed to turn the oven on is turning a knob.

12. Even-Heat Distribution

Electric ovens are well known for even heat distribution, which gives you even cooking without the need for moving the food inside the oven.

Why are Dual Fuel Range Ovens Expensive?

After reading the advantages above, you can generally get an idea of the usefulness and versatility of dual-range ovens. These ovens are packed with advanced technology and numerous functions making your cooking more effortless in the Kitchen. As the Kitchen is the Heart of your Home, a mighty and robust Dual Range Oven will only add value to your Kitchen, which in turn improves the quality of your living. Given the technology that goes into making a dual fuel range work with both gas and electric power and integrating both functionalities into one, the cost of the range is high; however, you get the full value of your investment.  

Are Dual Fuel Ranges worth it?

The main advantage of Dual Fuel Ranges is precise temperature control on the gas cooktop as well as the electric oven, which promises even and thorough baking. By investing in a dual fuel range, you are acquiring the power of professional-grade cooking. With competitive pricing available in today’s dual fuel ranges, it has never been easier to own a dual fuel range.

Which are some of the best Dual Fuel Ranges available in today’s market?

Cosmo 48 inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

Cosmo 48 inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range gets our top rating for being the best Dual Fuel Range for the best quality you can get at an affordable price. It comes with double ovens giving you the ability to make multiple items at different temperatures. The gas cooktop comes with six burners with a maximum output of 18,000 BTU from the ring burners. Without a doubt, it will be a conversation starter in your Kitchen with eye-catching looks.

Kutch Professional 36 inch Dual Fuel Range

Kutch Professional 36 inch Dual Fuel Range is our top recommended product if you are looking for a compact size. It comes with six burners with a maximum output of 18,000 BTU on three burners. It has a fantastic function of re-ignition, which ignites the flame if it goes out. The oven comes with five racks. Kutch is well known for its top customer service. It also comes in three options: Classic Silver, Royal Blue, and Tuxedo Black.


In conclusion, the best dual fuel range is the one that fits your needs and the one that provides the most useful functions according to your kitchen needs.