Many whirlpool duet dryer users experience the issue of their dryers not working after a power surge or a thunderstorm. The dryer often works for a few minutes of starting and then stops without completing its cycle. If you have experienced something similar, you may be looking for a whirlpool duet dryer reset button. Resetting the dryer often becomes necessary to resume the operation after a malfunctioning event. Trying to reset the dryer is many times a first remedy as compared to getting technical support and spending money on the repair cost. The costs add up when you add in the price of the replacement parts and manual labor. Hence, locating the whirlpool duet dryer reset button might come to you as a first thought.

Where is the whirlpool duet dryer reset button

Many whirlpool dryers come with a reset button located on their control panels, however, unfortunately there is no whirlpool dryer reset button. But thankfully you can reset the whirlpool dryer in a different way.

How to reset whirlpool duet dryer without the reset button

You can reset a whirlpool duet dryer without its reset button by simply unplugging it. After unplugging the whirlpool duet dryer, you must wait for approximately one minute. After waiting, you can plug the dryer back to the power supply. Then comes the tricky part. You must open and close the front door of the dryer six times in 12 seconds. However weird this sounds but this trick almost always resets the whirlpool duet dryer without a reset button.

Other problems with whirlpool duet dryer without a reset button

There can be many issues with your whirlpool duet dryer without a reset button, which may cause it to not work. One of them can be the door switch. The door switch detects when the door is open and close. You can check for this issue by inspecting the drum light. If the drum light does not work after opening and closing the dryer door, then you have a faulty door switch. In this case, your whirlpool duet dryer without a reset button will need a new door switch.

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